Who do you live for?

nicoleyeary zest for life

Today I got a message from a friend I haven’t seen in nearly 15 years.  My Senior Prom date actually.  We worked together at Target back in the day… he was quarterback of our rival school… we were dates to each others prom–and that was back in 1999.

Fast forward to today when I receive a message from him that went something like

“Hey, did you move back to Ohio? I think I saw you riding your bike by my apt in Mentor a few days ago? You look like you were going to rob a bank. You had black pants and shirt on.  I haven’t seen you in years!”

I was incognito and still recognizable — that can’t be terrible.  Anyway we exchanged a few messages to catch up when he mentioned to me  “You always seemed like the type that will succeed.”

To which I said “What is success?”

“Great question, I feel everyone looks at it differently”

It’s true — and it changes.  I started college thinking I knew what I wanted… but I tried to make everyone else around me happy and sacrificed my own happiness.

I’m not afraid to say all I know is nothing.
I had a great career – made tons of money… more than most doctors. It was nice… but it’s true that:

1) you’ll never make enough money
2) more money more problems

I learned a lot from my dad over the last year… topping the list includes “it’s ok to get dirty” and “I won’t melt in the rain!”It may seem trivial or funny to say, but it’s strange how the level of expectation changes; aka humbling.

Everything I do is for love. And so does everyone else… spend enough time thinking about it and you can trace it all back to love. Love of family. Love of friends. Love for the “one and only” in your life. Finally, for some, love for God.

It all depends on who we are living for.  God, Me, him, her, or You?
Forget the cliche question “what is success” but rather “who do you live for?”

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